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Om Magazine

First published in November 2009, OM Yoga magazine has become the most popular yoga title in the UK. Available from all major supermarkets, independents and newsstands across the UK. Also available on all digital platforms.

Yoga At Home: Issue 48

Yoga At Home: Issue 47

Don’t worry, be happy

Partner Yoga

Eating on the (yoga) go

Eating on the go

In The Night Garden – By Siri Arti

siri arti

Kundalini and the city

Kundalini Lounge

Yoga for MS

yoga for MS

Consciously creative

Conscious Creativity

Banish Stress Now

Banish Stress

Wake Up Happy

wake up happy

OM 48 – New Year Special

Iyengar Yoga Special – Issue 47

om yoga iyengar

The Business Of Teaching Yoga 2014

yoga OM teaching