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3 things yoga can teach us about life in a pandemic

Communication, courage and perseverance: the lessons yoga teaches us about surviving the Covid-19 pandemic. By Ralitza Petrova For most of us, the past year has...

5 reasons home yoga is here to stay

They say home is where the heart is - perhaps home is where the yoga shala is too! Heather Sheldon looks at why home-based practice...

Celebrate your special occasion with outdoor yoga!

Make a birthday or any special occasion one to remember with a mini yoga retreat. By Eva Kristlova Celebrating birthdays and other special occasions has...

Active Yoga

Wide legged Standing Forward Bend – Yoga Anatomy

Wide legged Standing Forward Bend - Yoga Anatomy

Yoga at Home – Boat Pose

Boat Pose

Special Report


Ayurveda: an introduction

Special Report – Ayurveda Commonly dubbed yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda has become very popular among yogis and…

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Yoga mats

Yoga Mats: Special Report

Special Report – Yoga Mats There are so many yoga mats out there, so how do you…

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