A long-term practitioner and now teacher, yoga was a source of great comfort after Cari Moscow was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago

Cari Moscow
  • NAME: Cari Moscow
  • AGE: 37
  • OCCUPATION: Yoga Instructor & Actress
  • YOGA YEARS: 18

Why did you start yoga

I signed up for yoga in college because I was curious. I loved my teacher because she seemed so zen and she required that we write in a journal every day which I still have. I remember falling asleep in savasana at the end of class. I asked a friend who took the class with me: “Are we supposed to fall asleep?” Years later I was living in NYC and my acting teacher also suggested I join a yoga class. I took his advice and soon yoga became part of my routine.

Cari Moscow

How has yoga changed your life?

Yoga has brought me peace and allowed my true self to shine. I began to listen to that voice within instead of searching for answers or missing pieces in my life. I was a regular at a studio in Wilmington, NC and one of the owners asked me to join the next training explaining that she thought I would love teaching yoga, especially since I was a performer it would be natural for me. I signed up and after I graduated, I started teaching my own classes. My stepdad passed away while I was in teacher training, and I am so thankful I was in a loving nurturing environment during that time. Yoga saved me again when I received my breast cancer diagnosis a year ago. It helped me stay grounded, keep my nervous system calm, and helped me keep hope and faith. I designed a restorative yoga sequence that I practiced daily during chemotherapy and months after as I continued to heal. It is now on my website and youtube channel as a donation-based yoga video.

Favourite yoga haunts

My feet in the sand and the sun shining on my face. I love practicing yoga on the beach. I could be alone, with one other person or in a large class. I feel most connected to the earth with my toes in the sand.

Best yoga moment

My teacher training graduation. It was very special and we had a flying wish ceremony manifesting our dreams. We wrote on the base, and lit the flying paper on fire and then watched it dance around the room. I still have the paper I wrote on and opened it recently. The dreams I wished for have come true. Realising that was also a best yoga moment.

Anything else

I would love to share my Restore Me Yoga Video. You will find it on my homepage on I shot that video a few months after I finished chemo so my hair looks a little crazy. I lost 60% of my hair and you can tell in that video but I also love the rawness of it. I want the video to give others strength and a place for self-love and self-care. It is for anyone going through cancer, a break-up, a tough week, or wanting to take more time for themselves. I didn’t start putting myself first until I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I want to share making self-love and self-care a priority with others.

Find the Restore Me Yoga Video at:

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