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Gardenia OilMoving into September, we start to move away from the intensity of summer, yet there’s still an abundance of flowers and sunshine around us to enjoy. It’s a time for unity and compassion and a beautiful way to integrate some light and tenderness into this time of the year is to use some gardenia oil (gardenia grandiflora). This rare and fragrant oil from the delicate gardenia flower has a sweet, floral and blissful aroma that will uplift us all to bring clarity and peace as we move into a new season. Place a couple of drops in a diffuser and allow gardenia to fill the room with its unique scent and bring some much-needed serenity into your home. This precious oil works well with all levels of anxiety, helping to soothe, calm and relax. It also helps improve sleep, so if you have found the last few months stressful, treat yourself by adding a few drops of the oil to a bath. Place a couple of drops in a carrier oil, add some salts to help the oil disperse, then sit back and relax in the bath, allowing the gardenia to banish stresses and strains and to aid a peaceful night’s sleep. This indulgent and relaxing bath will also have the added bonus of helping soothe any aching muscles and bring comfort to all. Use a pure essential oil produced by steam distillation, rather than an absolute oil, which is solvent extracted. Avoid using if pregnant, breastfeeding or on young children.

Gardenia Oil (Gardenia Grandiflora)

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