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Om Magazine

First published in November 2009, OM Yoga magazine has become the most popular yoga title in the UK. Available from all major supermarkets, independents and newsstands across the UK. Also available on all digital platforms.

OM meets Charlotta Martinus

Yoga Anatomy: Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana)

Half Moon Pose

The Body Positivity Blog – November 2019 – First-night nerves – How to prepare for that first yoga class

Body Positivity

Why you need more yoga in your life

Mums & dads

Ayurvedic detox: anti-ageing or a myth?

Yoga Vs Stress

Teens of colour

Find your balance again

The power of proprioception

The baby collection

Cliff Barber

Chakras & children

Yoga games for children

Full Wheel – Davin Jones

Davin Jones - man on the mat - full wheel pose

Welcome – October 2020

OM Meets – Rachel Hunter

Rachel Hunter

HOTPOD YOGA – studio guide


The creative teacher

JOY – studio guide

FIERCE GRACE – studio guide

Yoga therapy for children

Yoga therapy for children

Empowering young people with yoga