Welcome - September 2020

It feels good to be back.

Welcome to our September issue, the first new issue since a brief publishing hiatus during the summer months following the pandemic and lockdown. It’s fair to say that the first half of 2020 was a rollercoaster for everyone. I hope the ride has started to settle down now for you and your loved ones.

Inside this issue we’ve got a whole bunch of yoga goodies to keep your practice going both on and off the mat. That includes practical yoga sequences and instruction, plus interviews and insight from some of the country’s top teachers and other inspirational figures. You’ll also find healthy recipes to follow, meditations, and even some cool new yoga kit to brighten up your wardrobe. Hopefully, we can shine an extra little ray of yoga light into your lives after recent months.

One good thing to emerge during the lockdown (let’s focus on the positives!) is that more people turned to yoga to keep sane and fit, even if they were stuck at home. So this month we are featuring some of the online studios and teachers that have helped people maintain their practice during these difficult times.

It’s fascinating and inspiring how yoga teachers have rapidly transitioned their businesses to the digital space. This is a theme we’ll be following in the months ahead. As is the diversity issue, where we’ll aim to provide a platform for the many different voices now leading yoga in the UK and elsewhere.

And who knew that September was the number one month for babies to be born? Statistically, it’s true, so we’ve got a report on pregnancy yoga inside as well. Take a look if you’re one of those mums-to-be and would like the calming stability of a yoga practice to guide you through.

Here at OM, we’ve been reworking a few things as well, so you may start to notice a few changes in the coming months, notably to our online presence. So watch this space! In the meantime, keep up the yoga, stay well, stay safe and stay amazing. Have a brilliant month.

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