Monica DeChaine Parkin

My place

Yogi: Monica DeChaine Parkin
Photographer: Austin Lauber
Location: Redington Shores, Florida, USA

The photo shows yogini Monica DeChaine Parkin in Florida, America’s sunshine state. It’s where she grew up as a girl and a place that boasts incredible natural beauty and healing energy. “Growing up in Florida gave me the opportunity to become well acquainted with the ocean,” she tells OM. “Over the years, I’ve trusted this space to become my sanctuary. The sand, soft as powder, between my toes grounds my body. The steady rhythm of the waves splashing the shoreline soothes my soul. The sun, bronzing my skin, fills my spirit with light.” It’s an ideal setting for a yoga practice. “No matter my mood, Mama Ocean helps me balance. She gives me clarity. She humbles me. Just like she did for my grandmother; and hopefully, one day, for my granddaughter as well. I’m grateful for all the beauty this world offers, most especially this shoreline.

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