Pranic healing

Pranic Healing

What is pranic healing? A quick guide to how this complementary therapy, based on energy healing, is achieving results. By Sara Bains

Have you noticed how much we refer to the word ‘energy’ in our everyday conversations? We talk about being ‘full of energy’ or we say things like, ‘I haven’t got the energy today’.

Our bodies draw in energy, or prana, from different sources. The sun provides solar prana, we breathe in air prana via our lungs, subconsciously we draw in prana from the ground via our feet, and nature itself is also a source of prana. Since quantum mechanics tells us that all particles are in fact waves, we can essentially understand that everything around us is constructed from particles of energy.

‘Prana’ comes from the Sanskrit word meaning energy or life force; it is also referred to as ‘Chi’ in Chinese (Tai Chi) or ‘Ki’ in Japanese (Aikido).

Generally, if the energy or life force of a person is unclean and low, the vitality and health of that person may be negatively affected. Conversely, if their life force is plentiful, the person will be vibrant and healthy.

Given that energy is pervasive, it should come as no surprise that energy can impact every corner of our lives including our health, relationships, finances and spirituality.

This is exactly what Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, the founder of modern pranic healing, set out to understand. With over 30 years of study, experimentation and validation, he developed simple and effective techniques, which we can learn and use today, to harness the energy around us to improve all aspects of life. For two decades, Master Choa travelled non-stop, instructing students in over 60 countries, and authored 25 books which have been published in more than 30 languages. He saw more than 100 pranic healing centres established in over 90 countries, before his passing on March 19, 2007.

Complementary therapy
Pranic healing is today a highly-evolved and tested non-touch complementary therapy. It is used to heal a wide range of physical and psychological ailments using a ‘cookbook’ approach. It is highly systematic and scientific in its approach, which distinguishes it from other complementary healing therapies and works on the principal that the body is a self-healing organism.

In pranic healing, you learn that the energy body is the blueprint for the physical body and therefore illness and health problems result from disturbances to the flow of energy in the energetic anatomy. The energetic anatomy consists of a network of power centres (also known as chakras), pathways and energy fields that interpenetrate the physical body, acting as a blueprint for the physical body overall. When we train in pranic healing, we quickly learn to detect energy at different points along the body using the palm of our hands, thus validating the concept of an energy body. Through the simple and yet powerful techniques taught, we are able to effectively cleanse out the diseased, unwanted energy and replenish it with good clean energy or prana, which helps to rebalance the energy body and hence the physical body too.

When focusing on the cleansing and re-energising process we work on 11 major energy centres, their role being to draw in fresh prana and expel dirty or used energy just in the same way as when we breathe in and out. Each supports the organs that sit behind it so in rebalancing these, we can put the body back into balance so that it can heal itself as it is designed to do.

The effectiveness of pranic healing and why it is such a comprehensive healing system is that it clears emotions as well as energetic blockages in the body and replenishes these areas with fresh prana. This enables the intelligent systems of the body to kick start again, functioning more effectively. Positive, helpful thought forms replace old, negative ones and the recipient feels ‘lighter’.

Practical support
As mentioned, there is a treatment for every ailment, from enhancing the immune system to treating stress, anxiety, addictions and chronic or acute physical conditions.

Once learned, it can be applied to oneself, family and friends for the maintenance of good health or you can become a therapist yourself to help others.

Treatments: these typically consist of a 45-minute session, which can be done with the recipient standing, seated or laying down and fully clothed. It’s a non-touch treatment and very versatile in that it can also be performed ‘distantly’ via video or at an agreed time with exactly the same effectiveness as in person. As well as the treatment itself, a therapist will advise on self-help tools to help keep the body energetically clean in between treatments and in the long-term.

These include practices such as meditation, salt baths and forgiveness:

Meditation: Master Choa also developed a meditation known as ‘Twin Hearts Meditation’ to help flush out negative thoughts and emotions that congest our body and mind every day. For most people in today’s hectic society, that’s a lot of negativity to work on! In fact, a medical research study concluded that after 1,000 hours of meditation, the group of meditators had significantly more gamma brain waves than their non-meditating counterparts, as well as a decreased heart and respiratory rate. Therefore, this meditation is recommended as part of the self-care treatment plan and can be incorporated as a daily routine within the comfort of your own home. The results can be seen in just a short space of time with regular practice.

Salt Bath: Relieve stress by taking a regular soak for 20 mins in a salt bath (1kg of regular salt) with a few drops of essential Lavender oil (10-15) either as a weekly self-care routine, or more frequently if unwell, to accelerate the return to both physical and emotional health.

Forgiveness: they say ‘forgiveness is the key to happiness’ so by learning how to release ourselves from past hurts or pain effectively, we can help to reduce and remove the negative energy created by those emotions which would affect us physically as well.

Pranic healing and meditation can be used as therapy for all age groups, including children. For children, the Meditation on Stillness was created by the director of the Institute of Pranic Healing UK and Ireland, Les Flitcroft, to empower children to manage worries, fears and control their emotions. Children's relaxation sessions with the Meditation on Stillness are currently run in various schools and online across the UK and Ireland, all with tremendous benefits across multiple age groups.

Pranic Healing is also growing in recognition across the world, with more and more people, including doctors, understanding its science-based approach with amazing yet logical, repeatable and consistent results. Why not try it/learn it for yourself?

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Pranic healing

Sara Bains is a qualified NLP Practitioner and Advanced Pranic Healing Therapist. She also runs Introduction to Pranic Healing Seminars and Twin Hearts meditation in her local area Iver and online.

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