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Porthouse candle

A Cup Of Tea By The Fire Candle

Enjoy the simple pleasures. This Porthouse A Cup Of Tea By The Fire candle is made with natural soy wax and scented essential oils in a glass jar, with a cotton wick. Ideal for turning the front room into a sacred sanctuary. British-made bliss in a jar.


Bio Glitter Kit

It’s time to sparkle! This eco-friendly, 100% vegan, biodegradable glitter is perfect for parties or to give your daily make-up routine a little pizazz. The glitter can also be used for craft projects or maybe this summer you’ll even make it to a festival (or save it for the OM Yoga Show!). Normal plastic glitter is so bad for the environment and a big problem for marine life, but this stuff is 100% biodegradable — and it guarantees gorgeousness!

Sleep aid

Morphée Non-Digital Sleep Aid

Morphée is an entirely non-digital, screen-free, portable solution to sleepless nights. Having already helped over 100,000 people in France manage their anxiety, stress and insomnia, the audio sleeping aid is now available in the UK. It takes the very best of meditation and sophrology (a popular form of therapy used to relax the mind and body) and combines them in eight different relaxation and sleeping exercises, for a total of over 200 session combinations. Designed in collaboration with sleep professionals, Morphée sessions help to disconnect from the day, relax the body and soothe the mind; these three elements form the pillars of a fast, deep and restorative sleep.


Lola & Mawu Recycled Glass Beads

An ancient technique meets recycling to produce these gorgeous matte beads. Artisans of Ghana collect bottles and any scraps of glass which are then crushed by hand into a fine powder, placed into clay moulds and fired in a traditional oven. The beads are then smoothed with water and sand, also by hand. The result is a wonderful rustic finish resembling sea glass, admired by customers and jewellery designers the world over.


Raindrop Eco Cleaning Range

Get your house shipshape for the spring with Raindrop, a new eco-friendly cleaning range launched in December. Designed to wean households off plastic waste, it combines luxury with environmental sustainability, featuring recycled frosted amber glass bottles and plastic-free packaging. It’s based on ‘cleaning pod’ technology that uses an eco-friendly formula perfected in the UK over years of trials to rival leading household cleaning brands. Dropping a ‘pod’ into tap water turns it into a powerful cleaning product in under 20 seconds. 100% vegan and cruelty-free.
£30 (starter pack)

veg stack

Stacking Veggies

Get the kids into their veggies early! A delightfully-quirky set of three happy wooden vegetables in their natural wood pots. Includes six detachable interchangeable stacking parts. Mix and match to create a Carrot, Beetroot and Radish. Made from solid and smooth replenishable rubberwood (the trees that are used are at the end of their rubber-giving life; instead of being burnt and otherwise wasted, they are given a second life as a toy!). Beautifully-crafted, sustainable and finished in gorgeous water-based colours with hand-sewn fabric leaves. 100% kid safe, reusable and a great alternative to traditional plastic toys.


So Squalane

Beauty in a bottle, So Squalane is a high quality and versatile moisturiser with excellent biocompatibility. It is sustainably produced and helps prevent moisture loss while imparting suppleness and flexibility to skin. 100% sugar beet-derived, it provides a silky, smooth, and luxurious touch, without a greasy, heavy after-feeling. Available in 25ml and 50ml UV protective glass dropper bottles. Visit website below for an exclusive 50% off So Squalane — use coupon code OM50.
£9.95 (25ml), £14.95 (50ml)


Title herSHO Drinks Bottles & Tumblerse

SHO makes reusable stainless steel drinks bottles and travel cups that can be personalised and engraved. Great for fitness fans and all those leading busy, healthy lifestyles. Available in a wide range of cool colours. They also make great gifts. As well as the bottles, we love the SHO Pacto reusable drinks tumbler, the perfect small coffee cup in the colder months and great for the outdoors in warmer weather. All available to buy online.
From £19.99

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