Mantra of the month

Mantra of the month - I am proud of myself

It’s in our nature to strive to be the best version of ourselves, but sometimes we lose our way; we lose sight of how far we have come.

But, as the famous saying goes: ‘Anything worthwhile takes time’. A lot of the time we want our goals to be met immediately: we give ourselves a hard time if it’s taking longer to achieve a particular goal and this, in turn, allows for doubt in our ability to creep in. That voice in our head that says ‘you can’t’ or ‘you don’t have what it takes’ moves in and sometimes it’s so powerful we give up altogether.

This mantra is a powerful reminder that we must celebrate even the smallest achievements and give ourselves a pat on the back for the effort it took to achieve.

To be proud of yourself doesn’t mean it needs to carry any ego with it. We don’t need to brag to others or shout from the rooftops what we have accomplished.

But we must give ourselves credit for the effort we put in. Thank yourself for the energy and let yourself feel proud. You deserve it.

Try this pose... Headstand practice

This pose is perfect to accompany your mantra. Like with any inversion in our practice, it takes time to achieve. Set yourself a goal and spend time working on it. It took me over a year to master my headstand practice, but when you do get it, it feels so invigorating and satisfying to know you put the work in to achieve it.

Kirstie Bird is a yoga teacher and modern calligrapher ( Find her on Instagram @inkandflowlondon

Image: Jonjo Rooney Studio: Kindred Yoga

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