Issue 130 – June 2022

Om Yoga Magazine

Welcome – June 2022

Contributors – June 2022

My Secret Place Sarah Highfield

Namaste – June 2022

Yoga Changed my Life

The Happiness Explorer

Living the teachings – June 2022

Amazing Spaces – June 2022

OM Loves – June 2022

Planet Yoga – June 2022

Fire up the core

Yoga Anatomy: Upward-Facing Dog and Cobra

Yoga Anatomy: Upward-Facing Dog and Cobra

OM meets…Kate Lewis

Becoming Bendy

Yoga and cold water swimming

Yoga nidra: the dream practice

Yoga & the NHS

Man on the mat – With Connor T Johnson

The lighter side of yoga

Win! Pulsin Plant-Based Mega Bundle


Be a rebel and love yourself

Heart-centred living

Live an empowered life

4 simple practices to cultivate more awareness

Eat Drink Yoga – Jun-22 issue

Radishes, Pea and Miso

Rosemary Radish Crisps

Quick Pickled Radishes

Roasted Radishes, with Lemon

Vegan Life Live 2022

OM Books – June 2022

My sweet yoga sanctuary

Yoga Wall Art

Yoga is for every body

The interview

Yoga Teacher Training: Special Report 2022

What makes a great teacher?

Online Learning

Confessions of a yoga teacher – Jackie Heffer-Cooke

What’s your motivation?

Ready or not?

Where old meets new

7 things to think about before signing up

Find the right course for you

Before you begin

Blended learning: teaching the future

A very special time to be alive

Core skills

core skills

Emotional Baggage

Life after teacher training

Best of Both Worlds

Teaching From Within

Spontaneous yoga in teacher training

Flying Fantastic

Reiki-Infused Yoga

Save the children

Sam’s School

Yoga teacher jobs

Yoga teacher jobs

How to thrive as a yoga teacher

thrive as a yoga teacher

Getting class confident

Getting class confident

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Finding your inner voice

Finding Your Inner Voice

What next?

What next

Continuing professional development

Heating the hot studio

Yoga franchising

The Business of Teaching Yoga

Yoga Is For Everyone

What it’s really like to teach yoga – Michele Pernetta

Issue 130 – June 2022