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Missing out

As a man who came to yoga in my forties and have practiced it for the 15 years since then, I enjoyed your feature on men in yoga (More Men On The Mat, Issue 128, April 2022). I have done many classes in many studios and have never done a class where the male contingent approached 50%. Sometimes I am the only male. This doesn't negatively affect me but it underlines that men are missing out on the many benefits of yoga.

Alistair, by email

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Happy holidays

Hey OM. Just got back from my first retreat in over two years (since pre-covid times). It was amazing: sunny Spain, the healthy food, the yoga! I knew first hand that yoga retreats were everything the body, mind and spirit calls out for…it’s definitely just what the doctor ordered! For any readers who are thinking about going away and booking a retreat, just do it! You won’t regret it!

Sarah, by email

Star Letter

OM Retreat

I led a retreat last week at the amazing Santillan in Malaga, Spain ( Here's a photo of me with the magazine if you have room!

Anji, by email

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