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Tess Jewell-Larsen

Tess is a yoga and wellness coach, plant lover, wife, and mother of an adorable cat, Pippin! She uses principles of yoga on and off the mat to craft a holistic, traumainformed approach to work privately with coaching clients and in her online studio. Tess emphasises breath support, mindful movement, stress management, nervous system resiliency, and taking small steps that build up.
Connect with her through Instagram and Facebook @tytoniyoga or on her website:


Peter Campbell-Starkey

Peter is a gardener and yoga teacher, passionate about the wilderness and immersing himself in it, whether that be wild camping, sea or white water kayaking or wild swimming. Nature plays a big part in his life, as with so many yoga teachers, and influences his classes and teaching. “I am passionate, not just about my yoga, but also trying to help people to reconnect to nature and our true link with the natural world.


Madeleine Arena

Madeleine is an eating disorder survivor and recovering perfectionist turned yoga teacher. Passionate about philosophy, psychology, mental health and creative expression, she deeply believes we are all beings in a sometimes painful and challenging human experience. In sharing knowledge and experiences, her goal is to help people harness yoga to cultivate awareness and self-compassion, and to live a life rooted in inner peace, wellbeing and joy. Visit:

Regular contributors:

Claudia Brown, Paula Hines, Victoria Jackson, Lauren Bloxham, Lydia Kimmerling, Kiki Morriss, Sue Pugh

Words of wisdom

“In truth, yoga doesn’t take time…it gives time.”

Ganga White

Om Magazine

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