Issue 145 – September 2023

Om Yoga Magazine

Welcome – September 2023

Contributors – September 2023

My Secret Place – Ram Head Trail, St. John, US Virgin Islands

Namaste – September 2023

Yoga Changed My Life – Vicki Baumann

Mindfulness Works: The Power of Now

Living the Teachings – Understanding yoga’s everyday spiritual meanings

Amazing Spaces – Yoga Hero

WIN! Yoga Goodies Bundle worth £260

OM Loves – September 2023

Fashion: Universal Performance

Planet Yoga – September 2023

OM Yoga Show: 10 FREE Yoga Sessions Not to Miss

Yogi Power Children’s Yoga Area

British Wheel of Yoga: Show Sponsor

OM Yoga Awards 2023: Vote Now!

OM Meets… Sally Parkes

Yoga At Home – Quick Energy Boost – Sequence

Yoga Anatomy: Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana)

Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana)

Connect with Health, Meaningfulness and Joy with Yoga

3 ways yoga can support you at work

Special Report – Yoga for Pregnancy and Children

Hurting Hips: How Yoga Can Help

Pregnancy Yoga and Moon Cycles

Enhancing The Journey: Pregnancy & Beyond

Managing A Children’s Yoga Class

Where can I teach kids yoga?

Man on the Mat – Bharadvajasana

Mayhesh Hayward: Supporting Men’s Mental Health

Why Breathe Consciously: Pranayama

Embodied Living: Embodying Emptiness

Moving from Dharana to Dhyana

Sweet Soul Music: Sarves Thiru

Permission to Rest: Savasana

Eat Drink Yoga – September 2023

Herby Polenta Chips

No-Bake Nutella Strawberry Creme Squares Recipe

Easy Beany Burgers

Eating well whatever the cost of living

My Yoga Biz – Gail Cooper

4 Yoga Myths Uncovered

Teachers Tale: Still learning

OM Books – September 2023

Yoga is for Every body – September 2023

Island Yoga Paradise: Silver Island Yoga

Radiance Awaits at Park Igls, Austria

OM Lite: How Much of a Yogi are you?

Issue 145 – September 2023