10 FREE yoga sessions not to miss

There’s so much happening at the OM Yoga Show this October, three days of amazing yoga fun all under one big roof. Here are 10 free yoga sessions that you don’t want to miss!

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Fierce Grace 30 — Michele Pernetta

Think everything you ever wanted in a yoga class. Multi-level, multi-style. Fluid and expansive. A whole body expression. Strength and power, balanced by depth and relaxation. Balance your Fierce with your Grace.

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Ananda Yoga — Heemali Inamdar

The Sanskrit word आनन्द translates to Ananda in English, meaning joy, bliss and the highest state of being. By practicing pranayama, a short gentle flow sequence followed by yin holds, Heemali Inamdar aims to leave you in a state of pure bliss after this practice.

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Open Energising — Bhavisha

This session has themes close to all our hearts, sharing the gifts we have gained from our own practices and trainings and includes movement with breathing techniques. Get ready to go deep and empower yourself with knowledge from the ages that is still so relevant now.

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Reconnect: Menopause Partner Yoga — Triple Goddess Yoga

In this specially-curated practice, you’ll learn how to reconnect to your whole self. By practicing partner yoga, women can cultivate a deeper sense of presence and mindfulness, leading to more fulfilment and acceptance to the changes experienced. Partners will be provided in the class!

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New Moon Yoga: Let's Manifest! — Emy Mendoza

This class is open to everybody and will be using the power of yoga and the energy of the New Moon in Libra to embrace balance and self-love, set intentions and manifest all positive things. You’ll move your body through a gentle and nurturing vinyasa flow while connecting to the New Moon energy.

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Goddess Vinyasa Flow: Self Love & Radiance — Kata van Doesselaar

Join Kata van Doesselaar for this Sacred Feminine activation through gentle vinyasa flow, mantra and the breath. Embody more love and radiance through connection to the Goddess energies.

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Thrive & Transform — Grace McGeehan

A vinyasa flow-based class, encouraging you to move with the breath to get out of your head and into your body. In this class, you’ll be working through limiting beliefs that are stopping you becoming your highest self, using yoga, breath, meditation and visualisation to become the best, thriving version of yourself.

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Rocket Yoga — Zoe Porter

Rocket is a fast paced, fun, and challenging class! You can expect a modified Ashtanga sequence practiced to music, with plenty of chances to play with arm balances and inversions. Open to all levels as modifications and progressions will be given to make this practice accessible to anyone and everyone who is up for a strong and sweaty practice.

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Cacao Ceremony — Liam Browne

Come and join Liam Browne for a cacao adventure of pure bliss and healing. If you are looking for a part of your life to shift or want a fresh perspective then this is the journey for you.

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Feel and Heal with Himalayan Singing Bowls — Dipesh Munakarmi

Come join to learn, how to heal and feel with Himalayan sound bowls. This is an introduction to Himalayan bowls and how they could be used in your personal healing journey, or professionally in yoga, meditation and therapy.

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