Pregnancy Yoga and Moon Cycles

How yoga can complement the moon cycles for pregnancy support. By Kelsey Taylor

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Hatha is a Sanskrit word which can mean ‘forceful’, but it can also be broken down into Ha = Sun (masculine) and tha= Moon (feminine). Hatha yoga is practiced to balance both the sun and moon energies that flow through each of us.

During the child-bearing years, a woman’s energy, mood and physical abilities are guided by an ‘inner rhythm’ in the form of the menstrual cycle. This cycle has one purpose, to support the creation of life. Once pregnancy occurs, there is no longer the same ‘inner rhythm’ to guide a woman, so she should use the guidance of nature’s ‘outer rhythm’, the moon cycle. A moon cycle follows a similar pattern to a menstrual cycle; the length of the moon’s cycle is similar to an average 28-day menstrual cycle and the name of the moon can be traced back to the word ‘menses’, meaning ‘month’.

The moon’s feminine nature is cooling and nurturing. This is also known as ‘Ida’ or ‘Yin’ and it is stimulated through gentle physical and meditation practices. During pregnancy, yoga should be performed with the mindset to maintain a woman’s wellness, preparation for labour and bonding with her baby.

Pregnancy will last for 10 moon cycles, each of which will experience the same pattern of energy shifts, though no two cycles will be the same as the pregnancy develops. A woman can use the phases to connect and observe herself and her baby.

New Moon – Resting Energy

The moon is at its darkest and the energy around us is at its lowest. It is a time to focus on rest but also a time to dream and manifest about the future.
Practices should include:

  • Stillness and rest
  • Nurturing meditations
  • Manifesting for the cycle ahead and the arrival of the baby
  • Self-acceptance

Waxing Moon – Rising Energy

The moon starts to increase in size and so does the energy in nature.
Practices should include:

  • Flowing movements to provide life to mother and baby
  • Postures that open the body in preparation for childbirth.
  • Playfulness to increase positivity
  • Self-love

Full Moon – Peak Energy

The moon is at its fullest and energy is at its peak. During pregnancy, we do not want to use energy excessively. Full moons are also a time for releasing and forgiveness.

Practices should include:

  • A focus on releasing, creating space within, to draw extra energy inwards
  • Affirmations for mental strength and abundance
  • Movement to maintain strength and stability
  • Self-celebration

Waning Moon – Decreasing Energy

The moon starts to shrink in the sky, drawing inwards and becoming less visible. We should follow its guidance.

Practices should include:

  • Being present.
  • Slowing down and drawing inwards.
  • Deepening the connection between mother and baby.
  • Self-knowing.

A woman should continue to work with moon cycles postnatally until the return of her own menstrual cycle.

Kelsey Taylor is a Senior Yoga Teacher and Menstruality Mentor who runs teacher training in Staffordshire, UK. She is also nominated for OM’s ‘Favourite Teacher Trainer’ in this year’s OM Yoga Awards. Visit:

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