Yoga for Pregnancy & Children

Special Report

Are you ready to bloom? This month we explore the wonderful world of yoga for pregnancy and children in our 20-page special report

Yoga brings with it an abundance of health and wellbeing benefits for all, from expectant mothers and those seeking to get pregnant, right through to new mums, their babes, and to the tots and the teens. Yoga just works no matter what your age! For mama — whether you’re expecting your first baby, a new mum, or a hardened earth mother to five amazing little humans already — then yoga can help you through it. For children and youngsters, it’s a fun way to get active, boost body coordination and awareness, as well as take time out from the digital realm (warning: teenagers may even take a break from their mobile phones!). Yoga is the journey of a lifetime, whatever stage of life you’re at. The most important thing is to just get on that mat.


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