What is HypnoFertility?

Blending hypnotherapy with fertility: how HypnoFertility is helping people to navigate the pregnancy journey. By Lynsi Eastburn

Lynsi Eastburn - hypno fertility author

3Keys® HypnoFertility is a hypnosis-based programme created to support both natural and medically-assisted fertility. This holistic, non-invasive process promotes all aspects of mind-body-spirit healing and helps restore the body’s natural balance which can be easily upset by stress, suffering, and a host of modern life’s difficulties. In some cases, it is an alternative to unwanted medical treatment, but it also aids medical fertility procedures and helps to increase success rates.

It supports all complementary modalities and enhances their benefits as well. More than just hypnosis, the 3Keys method is a multi-faceted, solution-focused process designed to tap into and reignite the inherent fertility that is a biological element of every woman. I have been working with hypnosis to promote fertility over the past three decades. When I got started, there was no

HypnoFertility. There was basically no such thing as fertility-focused hypnosis —at least not on a large scale, not in a specialised or educational capacity — so when women with fertility issues began presenting in my private practice all those years ago, I worked with them as I would any other client.

Hypnosis wasn’t associated with fertility back then, but it was well recognised for effectively reducing stress, lowering anxiety, managing pain, relieving various phobias, and myriad other issues that women struggling with infertility must contend with. Hypnosis was also a popular choice for comfortable childbirth and, as that was part of my repertoire, I was familiar with its positive effects and could immediately see how it would benefit infertility as well.

Why HypnoFertility?

In the beginning, fertility clients came to see me for two main reasons. One was because they had a fear of needles that had been aggravated or intensified by infertility procedures. In these cases, the hypnosis not only helped with releasing the needle phobia, but also facilitated a more comfortable IVF process all around. The other reason was that they had been told by their fertility doctor that they would never be able to get pregnant.

Despite having received such dismal news however, these women had an intuitive knowing that they were supposed to have a baby, would have one, and just couldn’t accept that prognosis. They were absolutely right and, time and time again, they proved it.

Thanks to hypnosis. I quickly realised that hypnosis was having a powerful effect, not only with these two issues, but with all sorts of other fertility impediments. I was seeing more and more fertility clients and tailoring some more traditional hypnosis techniques to fit individual experiences and circumstances. And though there were some similarities to those with non-fertility issues, I also found this clientele had some unique needs that require a completely different approach.

With no fertility-specific hypnosis materials to be found elsewhere, I developed my own method from scratch, based on my firsthand clinical experience, and called it HypnoFertility. I’ve revised and honed it ever since, a few years ago renaming it 3Keys® HypnoFertility to distinguish it from generic use of the term ‘hypnofertility’.

The 3Keys designation was inspired by an experience I had during meditation in the early 1990s, prior to the conception of my youngest child. I wrote an entire book about it: The 3 Keys to Conception: Pregnancy Against All Odds.

How can HypnoFertility help?

Stress and anxiety are often a result or cause of infertility. Sometimes people have lost faith in the natural conception process or perhaps maintain too strong a conviction that medical treatment is necessary. Or they may be in spiritual crisis — feeling disconnected from source, betrayed, or as though they are being punished. Why won’t God give me a baby? Why does the universe hate me?

Clients I work with are on a difficult journey and by the time I see them they are often drained, frustrated, frightened, have lost hope, and describe themselves as feeling ‘broken’. Especially when there seems to be nothing wrong, or it seems the odds are stacked against them. In many instances, they have spent vast amounts of money on scientific treatment but still don’t have a baby. That’s because science is not the issue.

This is what I call the ‘God Concept’. The mystery. The spiritual aspect of infertility that is mostly overlooked within the world of science but is as essential to conception as any medical treatment. 3Keys® HypnoFertility blends the worlds of science and spirit to resolve these imbalances. It provides relief and facilitates healing by reframing destructive thought patterns in the brain, clearing the subconscious mind, and through tending the fundamental light of one’s heart and spirit.

Regardless of the circumstances, typically it’s women who take the blame for infertility — even if there is a solely male factor diagnosis. Women tend to feel responsible and will find all sorts of reasons to make it their fault, to beat themselves up. Being ‘too selfish’ (in limitless ways) is one I hear a lot. Women also take charge. They do the research, pursue treatment, and are typically the driving force behind decisions. But there are a lot of choices, and so much conflicting information, that it can be overwhelming.

Should I go to a fertility clinic? Which one? I should probably go to acupuncture. Or maybe start doing yoga. Or both? Should I see a nutritionist? Maybe I need a special fertility diet? Should I take supplements? Which ones? What makes the most sense?

Fertility-specific hypnosis helps to overcome overwhelm, clear brain fog, and sharpen intuition. Freeing these crucial facets of effective decision-making enables a person to focus their thinking and better tune into their inherent fertility. The programme helps one to become more grounded, centred, and balanced.

It reduces stress, bolsters confidence, and instills a sense of control, which in turn maximises chances of conceiving naturally and/or increases the success of medical assistance. But 3Keys HypnoFertility is not only about getting pregnant; it’s also about personal empowerment. Through personal empowerment comes inner peace, the ability to accept, appreciate, and embrace life.

When we consider the scope of the fertility journey, we can’t help but realise that there is so much more to it, that it is the catalyst for growth on so many levels. 3Keys® HypnoFertility honours the entire journey, and the baby is the icing on the cake!

Lynsi Eastburn is the founder and creator of 3Keys® HypnoFertility, and owns her own private practice and training facility, HypnoFertility International. For over 20 years, she has been helping people globally in their pre-pregnancy and pregnancy journeys. Find out more at:

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