Issue 147 – November 2023

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Welcome – November 2023


Contributors – November 2023

Contributors - November 2023

My Secret Place – Freedom Park, Rosslyn, VA, USA

My Secret Place - Freedom Park, Rosslyn, VA, USA

Namaste – November 2023

Namaste Featured Image

Yoga Changed My Life – Shirley Loughlin

Yoga Changed My Life - Shirley Loughlin

Mindful Politics: The Power of Meditation


How to…create your perfect magical morning ritual

morning ritual

Living The Teachings: Drishti

Living The Teachings: Drishti

Amazing Spaces – Hum Yoga + Meditation

Amazing Spaces: Hum Yoga + Meditation

Mandala Lab: Yoga Art Exhibition

Mandala Lab: Yoga Art Exhibition

OM Loves – November 2023

Fashion: BAM Bamboo clothing

Fashion: BAM Bamboo clothing

Planet Yoga – November 2023

Planet Yoga - November 2023

The Sunshine Vitamin – Yakult

Yoga at Home – Yoga Binds Sequence

Yoga at Home- Binds

Yoga Anatomy: Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)

Triangle Pose

OM Meets…Hali Love

Yoga Every Day: Top Tips

WIN! Exclusive Alchemy Sound Healing Sonic Sword

Yoga Unpacked: Aparigraha

The Chakras and the Menopause

7 yoga practices to clear your chakras

7 yoga practices to clear your chakras

True Rest: Take Time to Take Time out

Busy schedule: Maintain your Yoga Practice

Yoga sitting down: 3 Simple Poses

Asana: A Refreshing Experience

Special Report: Online Yoga Teacher Training

Teaching mindfulness online

Zero Pressure Teacher Training

Karma Yoga: At Suryalila Retreat Centre

Why Would People Choose to do Online TT?

Embracing the Virtual Mat

Feeling Fine Online: Children’s Yoga Training

Prepped and Ready for Online Training Success

Man on the Mat: Heron Pose

The ‘Be’ Before Breakfast Club

Embodied Living: Facing Change with Equanimity

‘Work In’ Progress: Yoga’s Subtle Effects Within

The Sutras of Patanjali: Path to Liberation

The Therapeutic Power of Gongs: Sound Therapy

Finding Your Purpose: Simple Steps To Follow

Flower Essences & Vibrational Medicine

Special Report: Yoga Mats

Mats and Stuff: Kick-start your yoga practice

Moving with Purpose: Yoga’s Origins

Hey Jute: EcoYoga Mats

Every Mat Matters: JadeYoga Mats

Cool Club: Fab Yoga Mats

Acupressure Mat: Level Wellbeing

Eat Drink Yoga – November 2023

Coconut Panna Cotta Recipe

Sweet and Sour Chickpea Chaat Recipe

Samosa Tart Recipe

Nourishing Beyond Nutrients: Pranic Energy

My Yoga Biz: Natalie Rice

How to Host the Perfect Retreat

5 Ways to Elevate Your Business with ChatGPT

3 Things I wish I’d known as a New Teacher

OM Books – November 2023

Judicial Wellness: Yoga in the Courtroom

Yoga is for Everybody – November 2023

Saint Lucia: Yoga and wellness guide

Bamboo Rafting in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia: Where to Stay

OM Lite: Don’t Step on my Mat!

Issue 147 – November 2023