How to Host the Perfect Retreat

Unveiling the DO’S and DON’TS of hosting a yoga retreat. By Ertha Retreats

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Ever felt overwhelmed while planning a retreat? You're not alone. Every yoga teacher faces the challenge of crafting the ideal experience. But imagine having a roadmap, a guide to the do's and don'ts of retreat perfection. Dive in, and let's transform those jitters into confident strides.

Aim for that rejuvenation.

Which of these do's feels most essential to your retreat vision? Now that we’ve explored the essentials to include, let's navigate the pitfalls to avoid. Because, as you know, it's often the small oversights that can make or break an experience.

Key Do's For A Successful Retreat

Embrace off-the-beaten-path locations: Think beyond the usual. Picture yourself meditating in a secluded forest, with nature's symphony around you. That's the magic of choosing unique settings.

Co-create the agenda with attendees: Why not let your participants have a say? It's like cooking a meal together – ensuring everyone savours every bite.

Incorporate local culture: Dive deep into authenticity. Can you see yourself dancing with locals at a village festival? That's the kind of memory you want to craft.

Provide digital detox opportunities: Remember the last time you truly disconnected? Offer that gift of liberation from screens.

Prioritise mental wellbeing: Beyond physical activities, think of the soul. Can you recall the relief of a heartfelt conversation?

Critical Don'ts To Avoid

Avoid overselling: Always deliver on your promises. Wouldn't you prefer to surprise and delight rather than fall short?

Stay flexible with the schedule: Remember that spontaneous moment that became the highlight of your last trip? Allow space for such unplanned magic.

Respect dietary restrictions: Think back to when your dietary needs were met. Felt valued, right? Extend that feeling to your attendees.

Ensure downtime: Picture giving your attendees a blank canvas to paint their memories. Sometimes, the unplanned chats become the most cherished.

Tailor experiences: Recall that time something felt tailor-made for you? Aim to give that personal touch to your attendees.

Which of these pitfalls feels most crucial to sidestep in your planning

A Retreat Done Right

Meet Clara, a dedicated yoga teacher from Porto. Inspired by the do's and don'ts, she embarked on organising a retreat for her community in the Azores. Clara chose a serene location away from touristy spots, ensuring an intimate experience. She involved her students in crafting the agenda, blending yoga with local Azorean dances. Recognising the value of expertise, Clara partnered with a retreat organising company. Their collaboration ensured meticulous planning, from incorporating digital detox sessions to respecting dietary needs. The company’s local insights enriched the retreat, like the unforgettable hike through geothermal springs. For Clara and her students, this wasn't just a retreat; it was a transformative journey.

Every retreat offers a canvas, and with these insights, you hold the brush. Ready to paint a transformative experience? Dive in and let your magic unfold.

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