Don't Step on my Mat!

Yoga studio pet peeves that we can all relate to. By Sarah Highfield

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Whilst keeping zen in the yoga studio is something we all aspire to, there are always moments during a class that can strongly challenge both your inner yogi and your patience.

Here are a few yoga pet peeves that frequently ruffle a few feathers:

Late students: Arriving early to a yoga class is ideal, but on the odd occasion you might be running late, make sure you are not that student who disturbs the whole class with a flustered arrival, making lots of noise and throwing your mat down on the floor.

People stepping on your yoga mat: It is incredibly nauseating when someone disregards your personal space and walks across your yoga mat with their bare, sweaty feet, especially when it is the same yoga mat that you are about to put your face on during child’s pose.

Super-loud breathers: While ujjayi breathing is a big part of practicing yoga, it is not a competition to find out who can breathe the loudest. The people on the other side of the room do not need to hear you.

The yogi who is ‘doing their own thing’: There is nothing more distracting than seeing out the corner of your eye another student who is doing something completely different to what the teacher is instructing. Making small modifications here and there is one thing, but performing a whole different sequence is something else.

Phones in the studio: Your yoga class is one of the few moments during the day that you can put your phone away and relax without an endless barrage of notifications. Hearing someone else’s phone notifications go off or noticing them check their phone while you are mid-flow is a guaranteed way to ruin your mood.

Lack of personal hygiene: With lots of deep inhaling and a room full of people, the yoga studio can sometimes feel cosy and intimate, so good personal hygiene is a must. Body odour may be natural, but it is not pleasant for the rest of the room.

Savasana skippers: If you absolutely must leave your yoga class early, make sure you do so before savasana. For many, savasana is the most important part of the class. The other students in your class deserve to have a peaceful and relaxing savasana without the sound of you packing up, putting things away and walking out the door.

Sarah Highfield is a yoga teacher, writer and a three-time OM cover model. Visit: or find her on Instagram @Yogagise

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