Mandala Lab: Yoga Art Exhibition

Mandala Lab

This month, visit the Mandala Lab, a large scale, interactive, travelling display in Canary Wharf, from the Rubin Museum of Art

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Running until 25th November this year, the Rubin Museum of Art is showing its interactive and large[1]scale travelling Mandala Lab installation in Union Square in London’s Canary Wharf. Inspired by powerful Buddhist principles, the Mandala Lab is an interactive space designed to explore challenging emotions and consider how to transform them into wisdoms.

The Lab features five thought-provoking and playful experiences — including scents accompanied by videos, a sculpture that invites collective breathing, and curated percussion instruments dipped in water — that guide visitors on an inner journey that supports connection, empathy, and emotional learning.

As visitors journey through the space, they will examine feelings of pride, attachment, envy, anger, and ignorance — known as kleshas in Buddhism — that cloud our understanding of the world around us.

The London opening is the second international appearance of the travelling Mandala Lab.

The images here show some of the exhibition’s artwork and installations from its time in Spain, the first stop on its international journey.

Based in New York City, The Rubin Museum of Art fosters understanding and appreciation of the Himalayan region by connecting its art and ideas to contemporary issues that are relevant in visitors’ lives today.

“The travelling version of our Mandala Lab is an important demonstration of the Rubin’s mission to bring awareness and understanding of Himalayan art to global audiences,” said Jorrit Britschgi, the Rubin’s executive director.

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