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100% Natural Eco Cork Yoga Mat With Tiger

Tigers represent incredible strength. The duality of its strong physical male energy and intuitive female energy allows them to come out victorious in the face of adversity. Feel the power every time you step on this mat! 100% eco-friendly, with cork padding for optimal grip, providing good cushioning for the joints. Non-slip performance as the rubber provides a secure grip to the floor, while the cork surfaces increases grip when wet, so ideal for regular and hot yoga. The best thing? These mats are 100% biodegradable: they come from the earth, they go back into the earth!

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Organic Spray - Calm

The Yin to your Yang. A mood[1]calming blend of natural essential oils from Madagascar that has been designed to soothe the spirit and relax you. The highlight: the legendary Ylang Ylang oil known for its anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties. Spray on your mat and all around you to get in the zone. Ingredients: water, witch hazel, and a blend of 100% essential oils. The sustainable bonus: this little bottle is made of glass and bamboo, recyclable and easy to re-use! Made in London.

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Kati Kaia Yoga Mat Bundle - Thalassa

Kati Kaia (katikaia.com) yoga mat bundle, now also available from Warrior Addict. Essential home kit includes yoga mat, cork block and cotton alignment strap for all your yoga needs, at home or on your travels. Great for yoga beginners or established asana experts.

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