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VLUV Kapsul Balance Capsule

The world's first air-filled balance stool, providing an exceptional way to activate your body while sitting. Suited for small work spaces and offices, the stool creates unconscious, balancing micro[1]movements that loosen and activate your core, encouraging muscles to be consistently engaged to maintain correct posture and balance. With many of us spending our nine-to-five behind a computer screen, it’s a simple and affordable way to incorporate movement, balance and activity into our working lives. Available to buy from posture experts Back in Action.


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BetterYou Magnesium Sleep Bath Flakes

Put an end to those restless nights. These mineral bath flakes provide a relaxing blend of Zechstein magnesium with essential oils, lavender and chamomile to help slow sensory activity and quieten the mind in preparation for sleep, whilst also naturally aiding muscle recovery and relaxation.
£10.95 (1kg)

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Sati Design Knee Cushions

Designed to add that extra bit of cushioning whilst meditating, these handy little knee pillows are a trusty companion. Packed with cotton batting, they are soft but supportive, cushioning your limbs in all the right places. Use under knees, ankles, thighs or other pressure points for a more comfortable meditation.
£39 (per pair)

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Earths Secret’s Luxury Sleep Mask

Enjoy a good night’s sleep with Earths Secret’s Sleep Mask. Designed with ultimate comfort and breathability in mind, it’s made from a cosy, breathable fabric to leave you sleeping soundly throughout the night. The sleep mask comes in a luxury drawstring bag to keep it safe and sound, and the chic and minimal design means it looks great on any nightstand when not in use.

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Bloom Aromatherapy Room & Pillow Mist

Hobo + co. is an independent home fragrance and wellness company based in rural Lincolnshire. This naturally scented aromatherapy room and pillow mist will help to cleanse, relax and calm your chosen space with a blend of rose geranium and lavender pure essential oils. Vegan, paraben-free and comes in a recyclable amber glass bottle.
£19 (100ml)

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Level WellBeing Cold Water Therapy Tub

Revitalise with a cold water therapy tub. Compact, easy setup and therapeutic. Experience rapid recovery, reduced inflammation and enhanced wellbeing anytime, anywhere. Level WellBeing cold water therapy tub offers extreme portability — it’s easily set up and can be used pretty much anywhere. Ideal for athletes, yogis, fitness enthusiasts and anyone seeking the benefits of cold therapy, which can stimulate blood flow, aiding in overall circulation. Also helps with reduced muscle fatigue, injury prevention and stress relief.

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Yoga Bag

Make a statement with your yoga mat bag. This beautiful yoga bag is handmade in Madagascar, using modern African wax and organic cotton. The handle is adjustable and the bag also includes a front pocket with a zip. You’ll also be supporting the work of craftspeople in Madagascar too. Be unique, be different and add some colour to your life.

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The Little Box Of Daily Affirmations

A deck of 52 beautiful cards featuring inspiring affirmations to repeat aloud and bite-sized tips to promote overall wellbeing and boost self-confidence. The box also includes a booklet on how to practice affirmations and a stand for displaying the cards. Perfect for anyone looking for an extra dose of positivity in their day. Available to buy on amazon

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Winter’s Night Candle

The perfect accompaniment to the cold winter season. A warm, roaring fire providing light and comfort, protecting you from the raw winter elements. Strong, smoky and comforting this complex scent combines the bold woody notes of amber and patchouli, while delicate jasmine and violet provide a softer edge. The ultimate winter warmer!

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