Embracing the virtual mat

The ancient practice of yoga has found its place in the digital sphere. By Ram Jain

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Whether taking a yoga class on YouTube or enrolling in a teacher training course with the aid of Google, online yoga has emerged as a powerful tool for practitioners and teachers alike.

Driven to make yoga education more accessible, I took the leap and launched Arhanta Online Academy in 2017, a digital learning platform offering fully-immersive yoga courses online. No longer bound by the constraints of physical studios and rigid schedules, yoga practitioners from all corners of the globe could now come together in virtual spaces to learn, grow, and connect. And the benefits were abundant. If you’re wondering how an online course can accelerate your growth as a practitioner or teacher, here are some of the many advantages it offers, as well as how you can embrace the virtual mat and discover new possibilities in your personal practice or career.

Study at your own place and pace
One of the most obvious benefits of any online yoga class or teacher training is flexibility. Whether you’re working in a full[1]time job or living on a remote island, you can enrol and complete an online course at a place and pace that suits you. This also means you can start immediately and retain access to course materials and lessons even after it has ended.

Grow as a professional
Online yoga academies allow you to rapidly expand your skills and expertise without ever having to leave your house. These advanced learning platforms offer an endless variety of courses, giving you access to a wealth of knowledge that would otherwise take years to gain. This can help you enhance your resume and even pursue a career in yoga, tapping into new growth and opportunities as a yoga practitioner.

More affordable
You can save money by following a course online. Fewer books are needed and course materials such as textbooks are often available online at no extra cost. Additionally, you won’t have travelling costs or overnight expenses.

Clear & easy instructions
Using modern multimedia teaching techniques and tools, online courses are well organised and easy to follow, regardless of whether English is your first language or not. If you’re shy and feel anxious in group environments, an online course also gives you the support to excel without having to step out of your safe space.

Continued support
Often, online courses provide direct contact with the course creator. Arhanta students receive weekly live calls with their instructor and unlimited teacher support; you can contact your teacher as often as you need, even after completing the course.

Ram Jain is the founding director of the Arhanta Yoga Ashrams (India and The Netherlands) & Arhanta Online Academy (

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