Flower Essences & Vibrational Medicine

Pick up on the good plant vibrations of flower essences as a complement to your yoga practice and wellness journey. By Saskia Marjoram

Vibrational medicine, and flower essences in particular, seem to be having a renaissance. And with today’s emotionally ‘interesting times’ it’s easy to see why.

More people are not only turning to natural medicines for their physical and emotional wellbeing but are becoming increasingly aware that their physical symptoms are often caused by emotional distress, behavioural issues and living life out of balance.

Flower essences contain no material matter and so are incredibly safe to use from birth upwards. They are also easy to use, have no contraindications, can be used alongside medication and supplements and can be incredibly effective.

First developed as a system of healing by Edward Bach in the 1930s, flower essences (aka flower remedies) contain the unique vibrational imprint of a plant which is held as a memory in water. This vibration is fixed using alcohol, diluted down to a level that suits the human body and then taken orally. They can also be absorbed through the skin in the form of sprays or added to baths or applied to acupressure points.

This plant vibration is then transferred throughout your whole system as it travels via the water in your body so you can learn the message that each flower has to teach. Using essences is a bit like learning the ‘songs’ of the plants to help you become the best version of yourself.

But why would we want to learn the ‘songs’ of the plants?

We all have issues we want to change, we have all developed coping mechanisms along the way that no longer serve us and we have all suffered trauma at some level (even if that is just being born) and all of these life events, these heartaches, these behaviour patterns, take us further away from our true selves.

Taking the right flower essences on a regular basis — or just for a short intense course of a couple of weeks or sometimes just days — can help us bring awareness to the source of these patterns and then they act as a catalyst for releasing them. They help us unlearn negative patterns, bring support and reassurance for growth on many levels and generally make life a lot easier and more fulfilling.

  • Flower essences are not the same as essential oils and do not smell (a common misconception) and are sometimes also known as flower remedies.
  • Essences are completely safe for all ages from birth upwards and whilst taking medication or other supplements.
  • Essences mainly address emotional and behavioural issues rather than physical ones.
  • Although generally sold preserved in alcohol (brandy or vodka), non-alcoholic versions are also available.

Essences work differently for everyone. Some people feel the effects just minutes after taking an essence and for others it can take two or three weeks of regular use to notice the changes. This is often dependent on the sensitivity of the person or how entrenched and resistant the issue/person is.

So how do you choose which essences you need?

If you have a particular issue you want to deal with – like lack of self-esteem, procrastination, trauma release, chronic stress, sleep issues — then it would probably be best to start with a ready-made combination blend designed for that specific issue. When you feel that has shifted, and you have noticed how effective essences are, you might want to go deeper to release older more stuck patterns. For this, using a single essence one at a time is often most effective or you can go to a flower essence practitioner (in real life or online) who will be able to make up a custom blend for you.

Saskia Marjoram is a flower essence practitioner and director of Saskia’s Flower Essences (

Flower essences to aid your yoga practice

- My Personal Space Mist is brilliant for using in a class as it helps to keep your energy separate from other people’s, as well as keeping you from absorbing the other energies in the room.

- Breathe Deep, Seek Peace combination essence helps you to calm, let go and relax before starting your practice.

- Dandelion essence is incredibly grounding, bringing you to the here and now and helping to strengthen your solar plexus. - Star of Bethlehem and Wild Garlic are both very centring and help with opening up your crown chakra whilst feeling present, whole and supported.

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