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Special Report – Online Teacher Training

There’s been a quantum leap in online yoga teacher trainings in recent years, with advances in technology and in the creative ways in which it can be used — opening new doors for both student and teacher on the yoga journey.


Teaching Mindfulness Online

Can you really learn to teach mindfulness in nature online? Yes! Here are some of the benefits. By Ciaran Ivanovic


Zero Pressure Yoga Teacher Training

Take a deep dive into all things yoga… without taking a yoga teachers’ training. By Vidya Heisel


Karma Yoga

Don't worry, be happy and grateful! Discover the true essence of yoga at Suryalila, home to Frog Lotus Yoga International Teacher Training. By Vidya Heisel


Why Would People Choose to do Online TT?

The quality and popularity of online trainings continues to rise. By Sue Fuller


Embracing the virtual mat

The ancient practice of yoga has found its place in the digital sphere. By Ram Jain


Feeling Fine Online

The benefits of online children's yoga teacher training. By Bryony Duckitt


Prepped and Ready for Online Training Success

Harnessing your hormones to get the best out of your online teacher training. By Kelsey Taylor


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