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  • Stretches the back and hamstrings.
  • Increases spinal flexibility and gives relief in back pain.
  • Helps open the hips.
  • Promotes circulation to the abdominal organs and boosts digestion
  • Stimulates the heart.
  • Calms the nervous system.


  • Rounding the back: The most common mistake is to let the spine curve forward. It's important to keep the spine straight.
  • Dropping the shoulders: Your shoulders should be kept back and the chest open for optimal breathing.


  • Focus on alignment: keep your spine straight and buttocks on the ground.
  • Breath: Before stretching the leg, first inhale while bending the leg and exhale when stretching the leg out. While in the pose, make sure to breathe normally.
  • Spiritual awareness in this asana is on the Anahata (heart) chakra with the chest open.Krounchasana also stimulates the Manipura (solar plexus) chakra, boosting confidence, and self-esteem.


If your leg does not easily straighten, while keeping the chest lifted at the same time, hold your ankle or calf instead of the foot. You can also use a yoga belt for support. Place the belt around the sole of your foot while you bend the knee, holding one end of the belt in each hand. Slowly straighten the leg as much as you can without collapsing your chest. If you have any type of leg cramps during this asana, immediately release the posture, never force yourself into this asana.

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