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Bamboo Rafting in Saint Lucia

Adventure and inspiration surrounds you in Saint Lucia, but if you need a few hours’ time out then take a lazy river trip bamboo rafting down the Roseaua

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The Roseau River is Saint Lucia’s longest river, which meanders through the dense and lush forests and out to the Caribbean Sea on the island’s western flank.

It’s a place where you can try some gentle kayaking or, for an altogether more sedate experience, book yourself onto a private guided bamboo rafting experience where you’ll glide along this scenic waterway propelled by a convivial host.

It’s a tranquil way to while away the afternoon, just gently drifting downstream taking in the magnificent scenery.

Your vessel is literally a raft with bamboo lashed together, making it feel like a real adventure out on the murky river.

It’s very safe — the water’s not deep, there are life vests to wear, plus your hosts will stop at nothing to help you, especially when boarding and disembarking — and possibly the most chilled out afternoon you’ll ever experience.

As well as explaining the river ecosystem, local flora and fauna, and other highlights along the way, the super-fun hosts will even serve you drinks to sip so you can keep your cool.

A delicious cocktail is also served when you first arrive, before you climb aboard the raft.

Feel the breeze in your hair as you move slowly along, in no hurry, with no worries. You can also combine your tour with other activities nearby, including a visit to the local rum distillery in the Roseau valley. An incredibly peaceful day out that’s good for the soul and one that will help you see, feel and be a part of the magic that is Saint Lucia.

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BACK TO NATURE:  Saint Lucia ‘getting-back to nature’ essentials list

Mud baths
The rejuvenating volcanic mud baths at Sulphur Springs are a must-do for all detox fans. Great for your skin, the mud helps with sun burns, eczema, arthritis, sore joints, plus it’ll make you feel amazing — the ultimate natural spa treatment.

Hiking Saint
Lucia’s rugged terrain makes it ideal hiking territory, with a climb up the iconic Pitons high on the list of priorities for many adventure seekers. For the the more hardy, the Saint Lucia Three Peaks Challenge invites visitors to climb Gros Piton, Mount Gimie and Petit Piton (the most difficult of the three) during their stay on the island.

Water sports
A paradise for novice and experienced divers and snorkelers alike, there are dozens of top-notch spots to explore the Caribbean waters and reefs around the island. There’s also sailing or simply take a shallow water swim alongside the sea turtles.

Bamboo rafting
For a more sedate experience on the water, Bamboo rafting through the lush rainforests and tropical landscape of Saint Lucia is a super-chilled way to spend an afternoon, drifting down the Roseau River with a cold drink in your hand.

Forest bathing
Nothing beats the immersive, healing powers of nature. Enjoy a hike through the island’s lush rainforest and take in the exotic flora and fauna. Explore the Saint Lucia Botanical Trail which takes you to gardens and parks across the island and learn about some of the plants used for natural health remedies and medicines.

Zip-liners do it better in Saint Lucia! Here, the high-wire experience takes you through the incredible jungle canopy, as you zip from platform to platform among all the birds, critters and tropical foliage.

Other Things To Do

If you need to shake it off after all that stretching, then head to Gros-Islet, near the far north of the island. Originally a quiet fishing village, it’s now one Saint Lucia’s most popular tourist destinations with a lively party scene.

There’s always something going on here, from the renowned Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival (Amy Winehouse loved this island) to cultural celebrations such as Jounen Kwéyòl (Creole Day).

If it’s retail therapy your soul is secretly searching for then head to the island’s capital city, Castries, and pick up some locally-made handicrafts and souvenirs to take home at the colourful Castries Market.

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