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Love yoga? Love our beautiful planet? Then you need ecoYoga jute mats in your life!

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Celebrating 20 years this year, ecoYoga Ltd created its very first yoga mats in the UK back in 2003. So this is a firm that knows what it is doing.

They are the alternative to imported synthetic and oil-based plastic mats. ecoYoga mats are made from plant-based ingredients and known for their amazing grip, designed with practical and aesthetic discretion to serve any yoga practice — especially yours!

# The strength and environmental quality of jute — along with the historical India and Scotland jute industry — was the original inspiration to create mats using jute fabric at their core. A 100% natural rubber blend provides the body of the mats, offering excellent grip and tactile texture.

All ecoYoga jute mats have character, a consequence of an uncompromising commitment to natural raw ingredients. Manufacture is a slow and unpredictable process. From within this manufacture process emerged ecoYoga's much sought after wabi-sabi mats. These mats imbue the path of acceptance toward imperfection and of the transient state. This is wabi-sabi. Wild and generously these mats are sold for a song!

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Classic ecoYoga mats are available in five super grippy colours, including the unique colour-free. Pick from 6ft and 7ft lengths and three thicknesses. To view the full collection, see composting images and more, or find stockists visit the company’s online store.

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