Yoga Sitting Down

3 poses for a simple but sublime seated yoga practice

Reading time: 3 minutes

So what if the office is super hectic today? There’s still space for a bit of yoga! Wherever you find yourself sitting down — at work, on the plane or on the train — there are some great seated postures you can use to improve your day. Just close your eyes for a moment, take a few deep breaths and try these simple but sublime seated yoga moves for a quick refresh. You’ll feel so much better for taking a moment to yourself and get more done later on. Let’s go!

  1. Seated Hip Opener
    First of all, just sit down. Hopefully your firm has purchased some nice, comfy office chairs so that’ll be no hardship! Close your eyes for a moment to balance your mind and even out your breathing. Place your feet flat on the ground, about hip-width apart. Be sure to sit up nice and tall, but try and keep your shoulders down and away from your ears. Now, let’s try some movement. Lift up your right leg and then place the right ankle onto your left knee, with your foot flexed. Keep the back straight, but see if you can hinge forward slightly from the hips to bring your chest slightly closer to your lap. Hold for a bit and feel the hip releasing, it should feel like a nice stretch. Stay for a few breaths and then repeat with the other leg. Try a few rounds if you’re feeling the benefits.
  2. Seated Twist
    Staying in your comfy chair, place both feet back on the ground in front of you, about hip-width apart. Again, sit tall, keeping your shoulders away from your ears, begin to gently twist to the right, bringing your gaze over the right shoulder. For a bit extra, use your left hand to hold onto the side of your right thigh; you can use it to leverage you deeper into the twist. Move slowly on this one to enjoy the full, delicious stretch. Keep both hips facing forwards and make sure the glutes are planted firmly into the seat. Take a few deep breaths before gently releasing. Next, repeat on the other side, twisting to the left, and gazing over the left shoulder. Take it nice and slow and really feel your body enjoy opening up, especially if it’s been sat at the desk for hours on end.
  3. Seated Savasana
    Nothing beats the bliss of savasana…but in a chair? Why not? Especially if you’re stuck in an office all day and your desk and chair are essentially your home from home. Not a great thought but a reality for millions worldwide. Sit as comfortably as you can, then close your eyes and soften your face (check to see if you’re clenching your eyelids shut…and, if so, soften them!). Start to deepen the breath and see if you can let go of any other tensions in the body. Keep those eyes closed (no one’s looking at you) and notice any sensations in the body, or thoughts floating around your head…just let them pass without judgement. It’s all good! If your mind dashes off somewhere, gently bring it back to the breath again. Count the breaths if that helps. Try and stay for a few minutes ideally, or as long as time permits (10 seconds is better than none!). Then, when you’re ready, begin to bring awareness back to the body, wriggle your fingers and toes, and then open your eyes. Go mindfully back into your day

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