Yoga Every Day!

Top tips for incorporating yoga into your daily life. By Hali Love

Reading time: 4 minutes

It’s important to remember yoga goes beyond the physical practice— it also includes meditation, self-reflection, reading information that will help you further your knowledge about yourself, or it can even be as simple as connecting to the natural flow of your breath, which can be a 30 second practice!

Here are some other simple ways to embed yoga into your everyday life:

Do a one-minute connection practice: Close your eyes, place your left hand over your heart and your right hand on your stomach. Connect to your breath. At first, notice the natural flow of your breath, then start to lengthen your breath. Each time you breathe in, imagine saying the word “inhale.” Each time you breathe out, imagine saying the word “exhale.” Do this for one minute (or longer). Notice how you feel after.

One-pose commitment: Put your mat beside your bed and choose just one pose to do every time you step on your mat. When I wanted to create a home asana practice for myself, I put my mat beside my bed. I committed to do one downward facing dog every time I stepped on my mat. Just one. It worked, as it was never just one downward facing dog, sometimes I spent an hour on my mat, other times five minutes. I also find that creating a playlist of your favourite music for a certain amount of time that works for you is helpful. Throw on the music and move on your mat. Remember that it doesn’t matter what your practice looks like, it matters how it feels.

Journal: I am a huge fan of intentional journalling. Each morning you can journal how you feel physically and emotionally. Also, jot down a few goals for your day; keep them reasonable. In the evening, do another check-in with how you feel and note what you can celebrate about your day.

Meditate: If you think you cannot meditate, rename it, and call it a “mindful break,” even if it’s just for 30 seconds. Take some time to be still and feel your breath. Close your eyes if that feels okay for you — otherwise allow your eyes to gently focus on a burning candle, a cloud, the sky or a tree.

Connect to nature: Take your shoes off, feel the ground under your feet. Sit by a tree and connect to the energy of the earth.

Be grateful: I believe that there is always something we can feel gratitude for. I have a gratitude journal that I write in each day.

Express love: Tell the people in your life that they matter to you and why. We never know how long we are going to be here for.

Cleanse: Cleanse your body. I like to start with a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning. This kick-starts your system and lightly cleanses your liver (which helps with anger and frustration). Discover what foods work for your individual body type (rather than following the latest fads). Find what movement and exercise work best for you.

Be open: Keep your mind open to learn new things. View every situation that comes along as a learning opportunity — and remember that this cognitive practice is yoga too!

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