Sardinia Style: Felix Hotels

Sardinia Style

Explore the wellness world of Felix Hotels on Italy’s sunshine island of Sardinia, a place where all soul seekers are welcome

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Coordinating the breath with the wind, stimulating the hormones of wellbeing by focusing on the sea, capturing the energy of the sun amidst the rocks and the green of centuries[1]old junipers. In Sardinia, the practice of disciplines such as yoga and meditation express an even stronger potential because of their close bond with its territory, nature, climate, weather, history and ancestral charm. In a word, its energy.

So that, for some, Sardinia could be one of the Earth's chakras, as one of the seven places on the planet. Practicing outdoors or amid nature is an ancient tradition that was revealed to ascetics far from civilisation, and the link between yoga and nature is fundamental and increasingly sought after by enthusiasts even during a holiday or for a regenerative retreat.

This is why in the eight Felix Hotels in Sardinia they welcome those who seek wellness through these practices. The group’s experience in this field was born in the Galanias Hotel & Retreat, a small oasis of harmony surrounded by greenery and overlooking the sea and spectacular rocks of Ogliastra, in the central-eastern area of the island. A hotel with two shalas, it has been hosting retreats for years and organises the Felix Yoga Festival at the end of October. In addition to being a popular destination for beach holidays, Sardinia is a destination for hikers, climbers, cyclists and those seeking activities in close contact with nature.

The island is the ideal place to find peace by practicing yoga and meditation. It is home to one of the world's five Blue Zones, where there is a very high concentration of those aged 100 years and over, and where life expectancy is considerably higher thanks to contact with nature, food and a slow lifestyle.

Not only yoga and meditation, in Felix Hotels there are spaces dedicated to wellness treatments thanks to trained and qualified staff. Moreover guests can enjoy many other experiences such as outdoor sports, traditional food and wine tasting or discover ancient and energetic locations (so called Tombs of Giants). The concierge service dedicates itself to guests by proposing the most suitable experiences for their needs.

Felix Hotels is a reference point on the island to welcome yogis, masters, simple enthusiasts, and anyone in search of balance, wellbeing, and connection with nature. It includes eight hotels, both owned and managed:

  • Santa Teresa Gallura (Hotel La Coluccia)
  • Baja Sardinia (Hotel Airone)
  • Arzachena (Country Resort & Restaurant Parco degli Ulivi)
  • Olbia (Hotel Felix Olbia)
  • Porto San Paolo (Hotel Residence Porto San Paolo)
  • Bari Sardo (Galanias Hotel & Retreat)
  • Nuoro (Residence Hotel Grandi Magazzini)
  • Santa Caterina di Pittinuri (La Baja)


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