: Royal National Park

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Yogi: Rob Lahoud
Photographer: Vivek Basnet
Location: Royal National Park, New South Wales, Australia

Royal National Park is inland from the eastern coastline of Australia, just south of Sydney. This beautiful national park has it all: stunning clifftops, beautiful beaches, tranquil eucalyptus-rich bushland, incredible swimming holes and even patches of Gondwana Rainforest (the oldest rainforests in the world). It’s a place where yogi Rob Lahoud goes to feel and experience the calming, healing embrace of the natural world, and an ideal spot for a gentle, contemplative practice. "Padmasana or Lotus position is a cross-legged yoga posture which helps deepen meditation by calming the mind and alleviating various physical ailments,” he tells OM. "A regular practice of this posture aids in overall blossoming of the practitioner, just like a lotus; and hence the name Padmasana.

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