Issue 109 – September 2020

Om Yoga Magazine

Welcome – September 2020

Contributors – September 2020

OM in 30 Seconds – September 2020

My Secret Place – Monica DeChaine Parkin

Monica DeChaine Parkin

Yoga Changed my Life – Kellie Stewart

Kellie Stewart

Mantra of the month – I am Grounded

I am grounded

Yoga and Aromatherapy – Gardenia Oil

Amazing Spaces – Yoga Life Studio

Yoga Life Studio

OM Loves – September 2020

OM Loves

Enter the Dragonfly – Dragonfly Sportswear

Dragonfly Sportswear

Planet Yoga – September 2020

Planet Yoga

Back bending progression.

Back Bending Progression

OM Meets… Katy Appleton

Katy Appleton

Time for Change – Yoga Racism Diversity

Yoga Racism Diversity

Yoga is for Every Body

Yoga is for Every Body

Yoga Anatomy: Intense Side Stretch Pose (Parsvottanasana)

Intense Side Stretch Pose Yoga Anatomy

Man on the Mat – Ravi Dixit


Secrets of Resilience

Secrets of Resilience

Live and kicking – Online yoga teaching

Online yoga teaching

The New Normal – Happy Hour Yoga

Happy hour yoga

Special report: Online Yoga – the future of home workouts?

Special report: Online yoga teacher training

Online yoga teacher training

Special report: Online Yoga – Teaching Yoga on Zoom

Teaching Yoga on Zoom

Get it done… meditation for focus

Spiritual Toolbox of Yoga. Find greater meaning and fulfilment

Find greater meaning and fulfilment

Find supreme wisdom with the power of your third eye chakra

third eye chakra

Eat Drink Yoga – September 2020

Eat Drink Yoga

Eat Feel Fresh – Chia Pudding

Roasted Cauliflower & Lentil Tacos

Roasted Cauliflower & Lentil Tacos

Matcha Coconut Ice Cream

Matcha Coconut Ice Cream

Vegan Lemon Bars

Vegan Lemon Bars

Get yourvits in! – Liposomal


Special Report: Yoga for Pregnancy and Children

Yoga for Pregnancy and Children

OM Books – September 2020

Still Here

The Zest Life – Dive Into Yoga

Suffolk Secrets

Suffolk Secrets

Camera Shy

Issue 109 – September 2020