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Liposomal: an on-trend buzzword or a revolutionary way to take vitamin C? By Rachel Aceso

As someone who makes health a priority, you may have heard the term ‘liposomal’ vitamins. For getting your vits in — such as vitamin C, so crucial for overall health — it may have a key role to play. Vitamin C is one of the 50 essential nutrients we need every day for optimal health. As well as aiding in the absorption of iron, which is important for energy levels, it also supports the body’s natural production of the protein known as collagen. This is crucial in the building and regeneration of skin, tendons and muscles, which is especially important after a yoga session. As well as eating a diet rich in vitamin C, taking a supplement due to increased activity levels can be a good idea. Vitamin C demonstrates powerful antioxidant properties for effective cell defence from free radical damage produced when your body converts food into energy, or when your muscles experience microscopic tears during exercise. And this is where liposomal vitamin

Liposomal vitamins

But just as water and oil do not mix, there are challenges in bringing a water-soluble nutrient, such as vitamin C, into a fat-soluble matrix that makes up your cell membranes. A liposome is a tiny spherical-shaped vesicle made of the same substance as your cell walls — fat. The internal cavity of the vesicle can hold water-based solutions, protecting and transporting them within the liposome to where it is needed.

Liposomes have been extensively researched and are now a proven method of transporting compounds (such as vitamins) into the cells with numerous studies supporting superior bioavailability.

This brings with it superior absorption. In one peer-reviewed study, absorption of vitamin C was shown to be up to 30 times greater when compared to other oral vitamin C options, with up to 98% being absorbed versus as little as 8% with powders and pills.

But are they worth the higher price tag? Liposomal vitamins do tend to cost more than standard vitamins in powder or pill form, but it’s important to remember they allow a nutrient to be much more readily absorbed, meaning that a lesser amount will have a greater effect in the body.

While it may seem more expensive at first glance, a significantly higher absorption rate makes liposomal nutrients a practical and economical choice for optimal health and fitness.


Rachel Aceso is a nutritional therapist and a graduate from the College of Naturopathic Medicine. Find her at: @RachelAceso 

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