Noose Pose (PASASANA)


This pose gives strength to the ankles, twists the spine, opens the shoulders and chest and massages the abdominal organs, improving digestion

Common Mistakes

It’s an easy mistake to rush the pose going into the bind, forcing the hands to touch before making a full twist. First, focus on twisting your torso, by putting your left shoulder over the right knee using your breath to slowly twist a little further with each exhale and then try the full bind with the hands touching.


If you cannot reach your hands in the bind, don’t force yourself. You can use a belt, holding it in between both hands to help open the shoulders and chest. The practice of this asana won’t improve quickly within a few days, it will take time so please be patient with yourself. It’s important you only practice this asana on an empty stomach.



Focus your energy on the grounding of your feet, this is your foundation giving stability to the pose. Once you are feeling stable, bring your awareness to the Ajna chakra between the eyebrows and focus your eyes gazing on one point, for calmness and clarity. The breath will be moving up into the lungs and heart centre, bringing a sense of joy and openness.

Ravi Dixit is an Indian yoga teacher and founder of Ravi Yoga Resort, living between London and Goa (raviyogagoa.com). Find him on Instagram @raviyoga_goa


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