Whether you’re taking up yoga for the first time, or you’re an experienced teacher or a guru already, then you’re probably going to need a great mat — don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Inside this special 14 page report we’ve selected some of the brightest and best yoga mats available on the market today. From eco-friendly mats and spiky mats, to mats that offer important alignment cues and even ones that grip your feet more the more sweaty your practice becomes, there’s something for everyone. Wherever you are on your yoga journey — whether you’re looking to step up your home practice this coming winter, embark on teacher training, or you just want to roll out a nice new mat for the posh studio you’ve joined — there’s something inside for you. Find the perfect mat for you and let your yoga love story unfold.

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Made About Yoga: If you're a yoga nut, you need yoga-mad in your life

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Get A Grip: Grippy Mats From The Experts At Yoga Studio

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One Big Yoga Adventure: Find The Right Mat For Your Yoga Journey

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Shakti Mat: A Mat That Combines The Healing Benefits Of Yoga And Acupressure

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Positivity, Power, Passion: Feel The Good Energy Via The Power Of The Yoga Mat

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Manifesting Magic: Your Yoga Mat Is Your Magic Carpet To Greater Things

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