Shakti Mat

A mat that combines the healing benefits of yoga and acupressure

If you’re familiar with acupuncture, you’ll want to hear about the Shakti Mat. Imagine taking thousands of needles, flipping them upside dow and simply...lying on them. Except they aren’t needles, but spikes. That's essentially what the Shakti Mat is — an acupressure mat covered in thousands of sharp spikes that apply pressure to your back to release tension. These spikes stimulate your acu-points, easing energy blockages and engaging the body’s natural self-healing systems.

Like yoga, acupressure begins with discomfort. But as you learn to let go and centre your mind you're rewarded with deep and restorative relaxation that will help you stay balanced within the busy modern lifestyle. Every Shakti Mat is certified organic and ethically handcrafted in India, the birthplace of yoga.

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