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Special Report – Moon Cycles and Menopause

Yoga and other wellness practices can help us in reframing how we experience the menopause and other life challenges. Embrace the new you in our special report this month and get started on your natural wellness journey.


The Eternal Dance

Navigating our cyclical rhythms


Menopause Chair Yoga

A fresh approach to soothe menopause symptoms

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Yoga for Menopause Anxiety

A yoga sequence for anxiety during menopause.


Embracing the Change

Yoga practices provide support during challenging and changing times.


Menopause Musings

The trials and tribulations of the menopause and how yoga and greater awareness can play a role in helping us through.


Menopause Fitness Tips

Expert tips on the various ways exercise and diet can help to reduce
some of the symptoms of the menopause

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4 Self-Help Tips

We can help ourselves through the menopause journey with these simple and natural yet powerful practices

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