Yoga Blueprint for 2024

Your Yoga Blueprint for 2024

Find a better way in 2024...the yoga way! Vision board your way to health and happiness this year with our simple blueprint for vitality and success.

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Breathe: A few moments of deep, conscious breathing can do wonders for your nervous system, breaking anxiety patterns and settling scattered thoughts to bring you back down to the here and now — the present moment, the only place in which we truly live.

The natural world: Go outside and immerse yourself in the miracle of nature. It’s a proven way to dial down stress and anxious thoughts. It’s also pretty mind-blowing once you start to really explore, when you find yourself perched on a hilltop surveying the sights all around. Or just hug a tree!

Mindfulness: Mindfulness has been shown to play a massive role in soothing stress, helping you to experience each and every moment exactly as it is. If you can’t get to a class, the popular apps can hold your hand along the way if it feels a bit daunting.

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Start yoga: Roll out your mat and commence a simple yoga practice, just five minutes a day is better than nothing at all. Book onto a yoga class if you can, but otherwise, just taking the time at home to be present and to honour your body with some simple stretching every day is a great way to start.

Eat well: Feast on whole foods, made with real and fresh ingredients, lovingly prepared by your good self in your own kitchen. Then take the time to enjoy your food as you eat it (switch off distractions!). Love your body from the inside out — it’s the greatest investment you can ever make.

Go for a walk: A gentle walk in the woods offers great benefits for body, mind and soul, whether you’re an exercise junkie or have lived a sedentary lifestyle for years. You’ll breathe fresh air, be surrounded by a healing, natural environment and your body will be getting a nice reboot too, a win-win for all!

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Read a book: Turn off the TV, ditch the screens and put your phone on ‘silent’ and pick up the pages of a printed book. Get into the habit of reading and see where it takes you. Grow your knowledge and spiritual prowess by dipping into one of the many thousands of incredible yoga books out there.

Meditation: Like mindfulness, meditation has been proven to help ease the symptoms of things like stress and anxiety, so why not commit to a simple practice? A central part of yoga, it can be performed literally anywhere, even sitting in the office chair or on the bus. What could be more powerful than forging a direct link with the great oneness or consciousness all around?

Book a retreat: If you’re able to, go on a yoga retreat when booking your holidays this year for a total mind, body, soul upgrade. There are countless choices for every budget, both in the UK and worldwide. Enjoy daily yoga, healthy food and great company. Wellness awaits!


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