Issue 149 – January/February 2024

Om Yoga Magazine

Welcome – January/February 2024

Welcome Martin

Contributors – January/February 2024

Contributors - January/February 2024

My Secret Place – Trolltunga, Norway


Namaste – January/February 2024


Yoga Changed My Life – Jessica Noifeld

Yoga Changed My Life - Jessica Noifeld

Yoga in The World

Yoga in The World

How to… Unlock your Royal ‘Queen Code’

How to...Unlock your Royal ‘Queen Code’

Amazing Spaces – Yoga Sanctum

Yoga Sanctum

Mental Fitness

Mental Fitness

OM Loves – January/February 2024

OM Loves - January/February 2024

Planet Yoga – January/February 2024

Planet Yoga

Yoga at Home – 5 Yoga Poses for a New Year Kickstart

Yoga at Home - 5 yoga poses for a new year kickstart

Yoga Anatomy: Downward-Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

Downward-Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

OM Meets… Dawn Harlow

Dawn Harlow

What’s your Possibility Pose?

Possibility Pose

3 Yoga Myths Unravelled

Yoga Myths

Yin on the Wall: Soothe Stress

Wall Yoga

Wellness Trends for 2024

Wellness Trends for 2024

Special Report: New Year, New You

New Year, New You

Your Yoga Blueprint for 2024

Yoga Blueprint for 2024

Yes, You can do Yoga!

Yes you can do yoga featured image

Come on a Yoga Retreat in 2024

Come on a Yoga Retreat in 2024

A Beginner’s Guide to Vision Boards

Vision Boards

Starting Over: Saying Goodbye to Stress


Cool Beans: Healthy Coffee

Healthy Coffee

Sunshine Paradise


Beauty From Within


Plant-based Power Bar

Plant-based Power Bar

Rosen Method Bodywork

Rosen Method Bodywork

ALTR The Impact


Retreat Yourself


Foodie Flavours

Foodie Flavours

Man on the Mat: Cow-Face Pose

Cow-Face Pose

Male Stress and Healthy Hormones

Male Stress

Embodied Living: Be Kind

Be Kind

Unlocking the Power of Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep

I am Enough

I am enough

Life Lessons from the Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat

Being your Authentic Self

Authentic Self

Special Report: Yoga and Sound

Yoga and sound featured images

Satsang, Kirtan & Chanting

Satsang, Kirtan & Chanting featured image

A Harmonious Connection: Yoga, sound, and Women’s Health

Harmonious Connection

Everybody Chant Now


The Power of Dance

The Power of Dance

VIP Sound Baths

Sound Baths

Eat Drink Yoga – January/February 2024

page 80

Jazz Apple Granola

Jazz apple granola featured image

Kale, Jazz Apple & Cashew Cheese Salad

Kale, Jazz Apple & Cashew Cheese Salad

Vegan Jazz Apple and Blackberry Tart

Blackberry Tart

10 Health Food Trends for 2024

Health Food Trends

CBD Benefits for Mental Health

CBD Benefits for Mental Health

My Yoga Biz: Jasmine Yoga and Wellbeing

My Yoga Biz: Jasmine Yoga and Wellbeing featured image

Show Me Your Plans

Show Me Your Plans Featured Image

What’s Your Story

What's Your Story

Please Teach Responsibly

Please Teach Responsibly Featured Image

OM Books – January/ February 2024

OM Books

The Amazing Monica Burton

Monica Burton Featured Image

Yoga is For Every Body – January/February 2024

Yoga is for everybody

Ragdale Hall: Award Winning Spa Retreat

Ragdale Hall Featured Image

The Enchanted Place on the Hill: Boringdon Hall

Boringdon Hall

OM Lite: Breaking Yoga Stereotypes

Breaking yoga stereotypes

Issue 149 – January/February 2024