Yoga for children and pregnancy
Yogis: Melanie Iznaola and daughter Ailani Photo: Hayden Austin

Yoga for children and pregnancy - special report

Start them young and yoga will be the gift that keeps on giving. This month, we explore the wonderful world of yoga for children (and not forgetting mums either!) in this special report

Yoga works wonders no matter what your age. For children, it’s a fun way to get active, increasing body coordination and awareness, and take time out from the digital realm. For teenagers, it’s also the perfect antidote to all the stresses of adolescence, fostering a greater sense of calm and body acceptance. (Warning: yoga may even make teens take a break from their mobile phone!). Then there’s mum, of course: whether you’re expecting your first baby, a new mum, or a mama to five established little earthlings then yoga is good for you. The most important part is to just do it.

Play it safe: please consult an expert, GP, or a qualified medical professional before commencing any yoga practice during pregnancy.

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  • Yoga & mindfulness for children
     The many benefits of yoga and mindfulness for children. By Bryony Duckitt
  • My Story 
    Catherine Shuttleworth, 15, explains how yoga has helped her through her battle with anorexia
  • Empowering young people with yoga
    A new app is being pioneered to help teenagers integrate yoga into their daily lives
  • Yoga therapy for children
    Dr Lucy Arnsby-Wilson explores yoga therapy for children and teenagers who experience challenges
  • The Creative Teacher 
    Empowering children through yoga and creativity by Ayala Homossany
  • Yoga games for children 
    Yoga Outdoors: No mat? No problem! simple yoga ideas to get the children outside and moving how nature intended by Veronica Greene
  • Chakras & Children 
    How can you teach yoga philosophy children? Chelsea Canovas and Janine Hurley explain their approach to teaching the chakras to children
  • The power of proprioception
    What is the proprioceptive sense? Sue Heron explores the power of proprioception and how yoga can help children to achieve a greater level of body awareness, calm and stability
  • Mums & dads
    Fathers can be involved in the pregnancy yoga journey too. By Francoise Freedman
  • The kundalini way
    Supporting birth with Kundalini Yoga
  • 3 simple breathing exercises for mums-to-be
    Understanding the nervous system in pregnancy…and how to soothe it. By Sally Parkes
  • Mindfulness for kids
    How mindfulness can benefit children and adolescents. By Christiane Kerr
  • Treat yourself
    Why mums should bring their bumps on a retreat. By Maria Kondrashova










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