Issue 100 – September 2019

Om Yoga Magazine

Welcome – September 2019

OM in 30 seconds – September 2019

Contributors – September 2019

My secret place- Sarah Highfield

Namaste – Readers Letters September 2019

Yoga changed my life – Tommy Legge

Tommy Legge

England’s highest yoga class

an affirmation for self-care and listening to your inner child

Power to the people

Yoga & Aromatherapy – Spikenard Oil

Spikenard Oil

Amazing spaces – Bask Hot Yoga

OM loves – September 2019

OM Loves

Mad Jessie – Fun & funky

Mad Jessie

Planet Yoga – September 2019

Yoga at home – Four-part taoist breath

OM meets… Devaki (aka Curvy Girl Yoga)


Yoga anatomy: Standing Big-Toe Hold Pose (Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana)

standing big-toe hold pose Yoga anatomy

The Body Positivity Blog – Jane Lambert explores the link between body positivity and body confidence

Body Positivity

Happy Birthday OM

Yoga for grief

A writers tale

One-Legged Fierce Pose – Marcus Veda

Marcus Veda

Yoga for children and pregnancy – special report

Yoga for children and pregnancy

Yoga games for children

Yoga & mindfulness for children

Chakras & children

My story

Empowering young people with yoga

Yoga therapy for children

Yoga therapy for children

The creative teacher

The baby collection

The power of proprioception

Mums & dads

The kundalini way

3 simple breathing exercises for mums-to-be

Mindfulness for kids

Treat yourself

Get Creative

Get Creative

Hidden Treasures of the east – Ganesha – The remover of obstacles

Hidden treasures of the East - The Tree of Life

A year of self-love – Doing things you love

eat drink yoga – sept 2019

Eat Drink Yoga

Quinoa Buddha Bowl with Beet-Tahini Dressing

Curried Cauliflower Bowl with Coriander Chutney

Berry Banana Split Bowl

Feeding time at the zoo

Concious parenting

Concious parenting

My Yoga Biz – Carly Oliver

Where science meets soul

Teaching through challenging times

OM books – September 2019 Yin Yoga – The Power Of Less – The Art Of Gathering – Finding Your Soul Family

Yoga is for every body – September 2019

Yoga is for Every Body

Caribbean calling

Rock Om

Shamanic serpent healing

Bamboo Yoga

Bamboo Yoga

I know nothing

I know nothing

Issue 100 – September 2019