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Carrot Seed Oil (Dacus Carota)

The month of October means we are now in the autumnal months of the year. The landscape is changing and transforming right in front of us, the colours and leaves turning golden and orange.

The essential oil to use this month to celebrate the changing season is carrot seed oil (Dacus Carota), which is distilled from the seeds of the wild carrot plant.

Carrot seed essential oil should not be confused with carrot oil, which is a carrier oil rather than an essential oil and is made by infusing carrot flesh in oil.

Carrot seed essential oil has a very strong and earthy aroma, so it’s not often used in a diffuser on its own.

It is, however, wonderfully rejuvenating and makes a rich and intensive facial oil. Mix a couple of drops with some rose essential oil and a couple of drops of lavender oil into some jojoba oil, mix well and then use as a deeply nourishing facial oil to help repair, tone and tighten and soothe the skin.

Alternatively, blend this facial oil into some shea butter for a deeply moisturising skin treat for the whole body; it will also help with any seasonal eczema or psoriasis.

Carrot seed oil also works on another level, helping lift you out of any haze or fogginess, so again perfect to use this month to help take you from the summer and into the changing season with a sense of calm and harmony. Avoid using if pregnant.

Julia White is a yoga teacher and aromatherapist (

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