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Himalayan Cedarwood

In October, the leaves on the trees are changing colours and falling to the ground, as we transition through the seasons. A lovely essential oil to use this month to mark these transformations is Himalayan cedarwood (cedrus deodara). This variety of cedarwood is less commonly used than some of the others, but it is much closer to the original Lebanon Cedarwood that was first used in ancient temples and by the Egyptians but is now unfortunately endangered.

It is great to use this month as it’s sweet, rich, woody aroma will help bring strength and positivity as the seasons change and we begin to retreat more inside. Try placing a couple of drops into a bottle of carrier oil, mix well and then massage into the hands and inhale deeply. Let the Himalayan cedarwood release tensions and uplift you.

This same blend can also be used to massage into any aching joints as it is wonderfully healing. It will also deeply moisturise dry, autumnal skin.

Himalayan cedarwood has long been used in Tibet for meditation as it helps calm and clear the mind. Place a few drops in a diffuser to help quieten the mind and encourage peaceful thoughts this month to help give you the strength and space to move through these changing seasons.

Safe to use for all but use sparingly and best to avoid if pregnant.

Julia White is a yoga teacher and aromatherapist (

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