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Elemi Oil (Canarium Luzonicum)

The month of JuElemi Oilne sees us celebrate midsummer and all that this beautiful and lively season brings with it. A lovely way to mark the height of summer is to use Elemi Oil, Canarium luzonicum. This oil comes from the resin of a tall, tropical tree and has been used since the Middle Ages and by the Egyptians for skincare and for healing.

It is a beautiful spicy and floral oil and good to use for any coughs and colds triggered by summer hay fever. Place two drops of Elemi oil in a bowl of hot water, place your head over the bowl, use a towel to cover the head. Keeping eyes closed, inhale the essential oils for about five minutes and the oil will provide much needed relief from any seasonal congestion and aid breathing.

Elemi oil also helps repair and rejuvenate sun damaged skin. So, if you have overdone the sunbathing, moisturise your skin with some Elemi oil to give your skin a luxurious treatment. Place a couple of drops in a base cream, mix well and apply to the skin.

Elemi oil is a wonderfully calming oil. Put a couple of drops in a diffuser before your daily practice and it will help centre and balance you and take you to a much deeper meditative state. Let this lovely oil give you a sense of deep peace this month.

Mostly a safe oil but avoid during pregnancy or on young children.

Julia White is a yoga teacher and aromatherapist (

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