Welcome to our March issue. This is one of my favourite months as it means the springtime is here, bringing with it the lighter nights and (hopefully) some warmer weather too.

Read about how you can rekindle your hopes and dreams as the spring equinox approaches in this month's article by Lauren Bloxham ('The embodiment of hope').

In it, she says now is the time to ask questions of ourselves that can inspire hope and courage: What if it works out well? What if I recover? What if I succeed? What if I am safe? What if I am loved?

When we ask such questions, we begin to open ourselves to the possibility, she says. This can lead us to feeling, which can then lead us to changing how we perceive our circumstances and, ultimately, how we take action.

You'll find plenty of other things inside to keep the momentum going, including a special report on how to DIY your own home yoga space, plus some simple nurturing tips in our Calm & Relaxed report, with some quick-fire ways to access that yoga bliss

One of those ways is the joy of music. In fact, there's a bit of a musical theme running through in this issue, exploring the way it can stimulate, connect, as well as inspire total relaxation.

That includes a look at the work of two talented artists and yoga lovers, bansuri player Roy Sunak, and singer-songwriter Heidi Talbot, who states: "Music and yoga can transcend all else...they affect us on a cellular level and...can heal and bring so much joy."

Yoga and music: the perfect pairing for the month of March. Let's party!






OM Yoga Magazine March 2023

Issue 139 - March 2023

Yogi: Desi Bartlett

Photographer: Dr Natiya Guin

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