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Vinyasa by the Vineyard

A girl's trip combining, yoga, wine and relaxation

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Spending time together with friends is essential for a healthy lifestyle, especially if you are having a busy schedule and are hard-pressed to keep up with each other.

A unique way to truly relax and enjoy quality time with the girls is to plan a trip for a Vinyasa session in a vineyard for a memorable girls wine and yoga day.

While not many may consider pairing wine with yoga as an ideal combination,it provides for a fun and balanced girl's weekend at an especially curated escape.

Vinyasa by the vineyard is ideal for those women who are looking to share a glass of wine with other like-minded ladies over some soulful conversation after a creative form of Vinyasa yoga where poses are linked with the breath.

About Vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa yoga focuses on gently stretching the body to calm the mind,using breathing and relaxation techniques and is useful for both beginners and seasoned yoga lovers.

This primary yoga also includes the practice of Power yoga and Ashtanga yoga and is the most popular form of yoga practised in the world and the growing awareness has proven to provide a superb workout to health enthusiasts.

The best part of Vinyasa yoga is that since there is no standard sequence,as in regular yoga,the pace, style and intensity can all vary depending on the teacher.

Flowing the poses together while taking deep breaths helps increase the body's potential to move, treating yourself to a yoga experience like no other.

A 75-minutes yoga class is followed by wine tasting inside a beautiful temperature controlled space in the peaceful vineyards surroundings.


So if you are looking for some uninterrupted girl fun,there is no better place to lay down your mat than in the grounds of a dynamic winery for an unforgettable self-love experience that combines some of life's greatest pleasures namely wine,yoga and soulful connections.

Vinyasa yoga and wine retreats

The Americas and the southern Caribbean are dotted with wellness retreats for women,so if you are seeking a novel way to enjoy your next glass of wine and nurture your mind,body and soul at the same time you don't have to choose between a resort or a southern Caribbean cruise.

The holistic Vinyasa yoga and wellness retreat in Aruba has been designed for those women who want to connect with themselves deeply and find answers to the awkward situations that arise in their lives.

The resort is guided by wellness experts who provide valuable tools to heal and raise your level of consciousness,among others in a natural environment.

You can soak up in the southern Caribbean sun and enjoy a Vinyasa yoga session at a vineyard by day at a reputed getaway,and return to your cruise ship each evening with your friends.

Additionally, you can enjoy globally inspired dining onboard,high class entertainment and luxury appointed accommodation for an unforgettable southern Caribbean vaccination.

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