Special report

The Great Outdoors

There’s good evidence to suggest that taking your yoga practice outdoors brings with it a host of health benefits, from replenishing energy levels to soothing a frazzled mind. It’s time to put the theories to the test


In Search Of The Calm Response

A Recipe For Reducing Anxiety And Improving Brain Function

5 Poses To Help You Conquer Mountains

Be The Best Version Of Yourself

Finding Freedom

There Is A Freedom Waiting For You, On The Breezes Of The Sky

Yoga Outdoors In Nature

Why I Love Practicing Yoga Outdoors

Woodland Yoga

How My Yoga Practice Found Its Way Into The Forest

The Sweet Solace Of Nature

Soothing The Soul During A Pandemic

Beach Yoga

The Beauty And Benefits Of Beach Yoga

Yoga Kit Guide

Everything You Need To Take Your Practice Outside

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